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Dennis Stewart

Dennis Stewart started out in the Shelter business in 2007 building Large shelters and bunkers to the public. He then became the Operations Manager in 2010 with a local company running a 11 man crew building Cargo and Platform Lifts.  During his time with both manufacturing companies, and other companies in the past years, he has been a team player in building a product that meets all company and customers standards.  Mr. Stewart is known in the industry as "An inventor with a split second solution to any issue that arises".  He has now started his own Company to introduce several personal designs that he has come up with on his own time.  He stands behind and inspects each and every product his shop produces with quality skills.

Our Team

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Robert Chaney

COO/Production Manager

Robert is from Dallas Texas and has a Mechanical and Manufactory background in Aviation.  He has a Degree and takes each order as if its for his own home.  At the age of 17, he managed a crew of 5 men and his work ethics are high standards to this day at age 35 he takes pride in knowing his customers needs.

Amy Day-Chaney

CFO & Customer Service/SALES

Amy comes to Vault with an Accounting degree, high recommendations in Customer Service and an ability to work under great pressure to assist each customer to achieve the needs that suit each and every customer.

Dennis Stewart


With strong leader abilities and a get the job done RIGHT attitude, Dennis is a go getter and at the same time a perfectionist.  These qualities make him an asset to the Vault team 

Jag Man


Coming from a Welding background, high work qualities and his ability to produce a 99% success work rate is superb.  He goes over and above to complete his task.

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